Dr. Stokes performs psychological evaluations for children and adults, and she provides forensic evaluations to Juvenile State and Federal court. Her specialty areas include trauma of children and adults, and her particularly expertise lies in the area of sexual offending and victimization. She also works with gender identity and LGBT issues. Furthermore, she specializes in treating individuals and families involved with co-occurring disorders (mental health and substance abuse). Dr. Stokes works through family of origin issues, codependency in relationships, and recovery for individuals and families suffering with addiction.

Clinical Psychologist


My passion is to help people through difficult times in their lives. I use a refreshing approach to address crisis, pain and hurt. My interest is in working with children and adolescents but I enjoy working with all ages, individuals, couples and groups. My training includes trauma reduction, positive behavior interventions and supports and DBT. I use a variety of tools to treat depression, anxiety, behavior and relationship issues and mood disorders. I will help you begin the journey to healing for a happy and healthy life.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor


There are times in life we need to be validated and told we are worthy.  There are times in our life we feel overwhelmed or just not up to the expectations in front of us.  Being mindful in the present moment and making decisions to live life now helps us to feel more positive.  I will help you reach your goals to be happy and safe with improved self-confidence to manage and enjoy life.

I earned my Master of Arts Degree at The University of South Dakota in Vermillion and specialize in Redecision Therapy as well as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  I provide individual, group and family therapy for children and adults.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor


I have specialized in empowering women for over 15 years- treating women's issues such as eating disorders, recovery from addictions, healing abuse, anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders. I empower women to embrace the gifts of personal discovery and spiritual growth. I have received extensive education and training in treating all forms of psychopathology. I also enjoy working with children using creative and fun techniques that help children feel secure, valued, and supported.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor


Nancy Baker received her undergraduate B.A. in education and her M.A. in educational Psychology and Counseling.  She has been a licensed counselor for over 20 years and has served the age range of pre-school to college with an in depth knowledge of each developmental stage.  Her emphasis has been primarily in the public school setting and addressing the unique needs of alternative education, 504 & IEP plans, and school anxiety/phobia. Nancy will immediately put you at ease with a warmth and non-judgmental approach to addressing issues such as infertility, adoption, single parenting, and acting out behavior.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor


Upon working together, I consider myself a passenger in your life by way of being approachable, quick to listen, and being a source of support in a safe environment. I often integrate humor to provide levity and a sense of normality during sessions to combat awkwardness or stigma that sometimes comes with seeing a therapist. The counseling relationship is a special phenomenon in which both you and I process darker times and explore solutions. Adjusting to life's different transitions can be difficult to endure, but I will work closely with you to understand your situation.

I work with people spanning all ages. In the past, I have worked with people experiencing anxiety, past and present trauma, depression, personality disorders, schizophrenia, and addiction. I have also worked with people experiencing issues within their relationships, sexuality, spiritual beliefs, personal identity, career, academic choices, or neurodiverse status.

I have a BA in Theology, BFA (painting), an MS in Clinical Counseling, and an MS Art Therapy.

Temporary Licensed Counselor


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